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Considerations When Purchasing a New Lawn Mower

When looking to purchase a new lawn mower, you need to consider features that would be most prudent to your convenience as well as your yard. As such, it is not simply about selecting the first lawn mower that catches your fancy. The good news is that you only need to consider a few things in order to narrow down your options. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a new lawn mower. Would you prefer a push mower or a ride on mower? The first thing to ask yourself would be how you would like to navigate your lawn mower. Although it may seem that convenience is what will dictate this decision, it ultimately depends on the size of your lawn. For instance, a small yard will not benefit from a ride on mower, as there will not be enough space to maneuver the machine. On the other hand, a push mower may seem like an affordable option but it would prove quite a work out for a bigger space. Therefore, you need to put into consideration the size of the area that will need mowing before making a decision on what mower would be best suited for it. Would you prefer a mower that mulches or bags the debris? The second consideration you should have in mind is how you would like the mower to handle the grass that it will be cutting. Collecting cut grass by hand can be exhausting, especially right after you have mowed the lawn. If you would like the process to be convenient, then you could opt for a mower that comes with a bagger. As the grass is being cut, it is directed into the bag ready for disposal. On the other hand, if you would like the cut grass to be used to enrich the soil in your yard, then you should opt for a mulching mower. Would you prefer a reel blade or a rotary blade? The next consideration to have would be the type of blades that you would like on your mower. Reel blades are revolving blades that move around an axle. This type of blade is found on push mowers, but can also be found in both electric as well as fuel powered mowers. Reel blades offer a really trim cut on the grass, which makes them a popular option for people […]

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2 Excellent Tips For Transforming Your New Run-Down Garden

Buying a run-down home and renovating it is a popular choice for Australian home-owners. Not only does it make sense financially, often greatly increasing the value of the home, it’s also a chance to create a unique and beautiful home that suits your needs perfectly. Unfortunately, run-down homes often come with run-down gardens that may have been severely neglected for many years. Tackling a large, unruly garden may seem like it will take a great deal of work, but there are a two excellent ways that you achieve maximum results for minimal effort and expense. 1. Hire a garden bin When you’re clearing out a run-down garden a large part of the problem can be what to do with all the green waste that needs to be removed. Burning the waste can sometimes be an option, but if there are fire restrictions in your area this might not be something you can do. A simple and cost-effective solution to this problem is to hire a garden bin which is specifically for green waste. Skip bin companies can deliver the bin to your home and place it in your chosen location. Try to have it placed as near to where the gardening work will take place as possible to save time and effort when filling it with waste. Once your garden is clear and the skip bin has been filled, the company will then collect it and dispose of the contents. This will save you money on hiring an appropriate removal vehicle and also on garbage tip fees. You may also like to hire a smaller skip bin in order to dispose of any garbage that you may uncover as you clear your garden. 2. Hire a professional gardener This idea might sound contrary to keeping your garden work low cost, but it could actually save you a great deal of money and time. Instead of hiring the gardener to do the work, you simply hire them for a consultation lasting no more than an hour or two. During this time, they can provide you with professional and invaluable advice on your garden. A professional gardener will be able to help you identify the weeds, dead plants, and diseased plants which you will want to remove. They can also point out the varieties of other plants that you might like to keep in your garden and how best to care for them. […]

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