A Great Way To Stop Weeds Exploding In Your Garden This Summer

While many Australians love a pristine garden, very few people enjoy putting in the long hours that are required to keep it weed free. This goes doubly for summer when conditions are more conducive for plant growth. Getting down on your hands and knees and manually weeding your garden doesn't seem very appealing in 30 degree plus heat, so there must be a better way, right? Fortunately, there is one: mulch.

What Is Mulch?

Mulch is any kind of material that you use to cover the soil in your garden with to insulate the soil. In general, mulch can be split into two categories: organic and inorganic. Organic mulches are more popular because while they insulate the ground they also slowly decompose and feed the plants with important nutrients. Inorganic mulches do not break down and are things like plastic, gravel and stone.

Mulch is important because it prevents the growth of weeds that have not yet sprouted while allowing established plants to continue to flourish. It also looks quite nice and can provide a natural solution that reduces your workload overtime.

How Do I Choose The Right Mulch?

That is the beauty of mulch: you can pick and choose the material that you want. Some organic material like bark and straw is more popular for its aesthetics while other homeowners use plastic sheeting to prevent any weed growth even if it doesn't look as nice. Consider the overall aesthetic of your garden and what would fit in best. If you have a more rustic feel then plastic mulch might not fit with the style, but if you live in a modern townhouse, it could look great. It is completely up to you as all mulch fulfills the task you are most after: stopping weed growth.  

How Do I Get Organic Mulch Delivered?

If you choose organic mulch, you will quickly realise that getting it to your house is not as easy as it might have first appeared. Mulch weighs a lot and it can take up a lot of space while being very messy, so you preferably do not want it in your car. Mulch delivery is a service that many landscaping retailers offer to combat this. When you buy your mulch, check to see if the store offers mulch delivery and what the additional charges are, if any. Then you just need to ready a spot in your garden for the mulch delivery to deposit its load. Preferably choose somewhere central so it is easier to distribute the mulch after it has been delivered.