5 Reasons Electric Chainsaws Are Safer than Gas Chainsaws

Chainsaws can be great for keeping outside spaces looking their best, but they can also be dangerous. If this is something you're worried about, the best thing to do is buy an electric chainsaw instead of a traditional gas-powered model. Here are just five ways electric chainsaws are safer than gas ones.

1. Less Fatiguing

Compare a gas chainsaw against an electric chainsaw and one of the first things you're going to notice is the weight difference. Electric chainsaws are significantly lighter, which makes them much easier to handle. They also produce much weaker vibrations than gas models. These benefits mean it's far less fatiguing to use an electric chainsaw, and you're far less likely to make a dangerous mistake or lose control when you're less tired out and handling a lighter object.

2. Less Noise

It can be easy to underestimate just how much noise a chainsaw can produce. This isn't just annoying for any neighbours – it also can also affect your hearing. This can result in permanent hearing damage over time, and it also means you'll be less aware of your surroundings and more likely to make mistakes, not heed warnings, or fail to hear someone approaching you.

3. Reduced Risk of Kickback

Kickback occurs when the blade keeps running into what you're cutting. When this happens, the chainsaw can be launched upwards and backwards, which can lead to serious injuries or simply a loss of control. This is an issue with gas chainsaws, but electric models tend to be fitted with chain brakes that stop the chainsaw in the event of such a sudden movement. This drastically reduces the chance of injuring yourself or others.

4. No Uncontrolled Cutting

The only time a chainsaw really needs to be running is when it's cutting. Unfortunately, gas chainsaws can keep running even when they aren't cutting, and that's exactly when injuries can occur. Electric chainsaws can be stopped and started faster and more easily, so they can only run while they are cutting.

5. Slower Chain Speed

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that electric chainsaws generally have slower chain speeds than gas ones. This means gas chainsaws can handle more heavy-duty jobs, but it also makes them harder to control and more dangerous if you do lose control. Since most people don't require the added power and speed of a gas chainsaw, it's smarter to go electric.

To find the right chainsaw for you, talk to a local supplier.